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Olga Rue - Chief Financial and Administrative Officer Olga Rue - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Olga Rue has a degree in Law from the University of Barcelona. A large part of her professional career has been in the field of financial/tax advice and she has had a professional association with several law firms in Barcelona. She holds a Masters in Tax Law and has participated in courses and seminars in her specialization as well as in the biotechnological field (negotiation for biotechnology directors, business development, strategic management of industrial property, etc.). At the end of the 90s she began to advise ARCHIVEL TECHNOLOGIES, S.L. which was the precursor to ARCHIVEL FARMA, as an external consultant and in October 2008 she became part of the ARCHIVEL FARMA staff as Chief Financial Officer, and at the same time Vice-Secretary of the Board of Directors. She has participated in fund-raising for the company and has also negotiated with different public organizations to secure loans to meet the development needs of the RUTI® vaccine. Since January 2012 she has been the Chief Executive Officer of the company taking over from D. Luis Ruiz-Ávila.