TGT Group extends its participation in the capital of Archivel Farma

By 22/12/2016Archivel

TGT Group, a strategic partner of Archivel Farma since January 2012, has increased its participation in the company from 49% to 53% after subscribing two new capital increases, for a value of 1.87 million euros. The company, headed by Teodoro García, thus becomes the majority partner of Archivel Farma and reinforces its commitment to the RUTI® tuberculosis vaccine development project.

Archivel continues working in the search of strategic partners to undertake a phase III clinical trial of its therapeutic vaccine, one of the most advanced and promising of those being investigated in the world. RUTI® has successfully passed both phase I and phase II clinical trials for the treatment of latent tuberculosis. On the other hand, Archivel is carrying out preclinical studies with animal models to evaluate the application of RUTI® for the prevention and treatment of diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis.